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One of my year new’s resolutions was to make time to read more. As a single mom it can be very hard to find time to read. Five months into the new year and I had only managed to read two books. I’ve read nearly 300 blog posts, but find it extremely difficult to finish a book. Each time I start reading I would find myself falling asleep. Part of the reason for this was a 35 mile commute, one way.

A few weeks ago, D and I moved, shaving 60 miles (round-trip) from our daily commute and I finally have time to read! I love curling up with a good book. It can be such a luxury when you have a little one at home. Even when D is away with his father it can be difficult for me to carve out time. I decided to create a reading nook in my bedroom and voila! My book list is growing and I’m reading more.

Here are the books that are currently in rotation. It’s my must read list for personal development during the first half of the year!

What if it Does work out? by Susie Moore: This book is all about turning your passion into a side business. The book is engaging and inspiring. It will help position you for success!

Jump Start Your Thinking by John C. Maxwell: This book provides the kind of wisdom and inspiration you need to became a better thinking. John C. Maxwell outlines eleven type of successful thinking technique to help you achieve your dreams.

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes: This book has been reviewed more that 1,000 times on Amazon. You’ll be inspired to pick up and live a fulfilling life of your dreams. Shonda Rhimes’ story will encourage you to get in the game instead of watching life from the sideline.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: This book is a classic. I finished it in record time and it sits next to my bed where it’s not uncommon for me to thumb through it from time to time. The book is an inspirational fable. It’s resonates with audiences from various backgrounds. You’ll love it.

Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want by Rachel Cruze: This book uncovers the most damaging money habit we have, comparing ourselves to others. Rachel Cruze lays out seven healthy money habits for living your most desired life.

The Power of Goals compiled by Katherine Karvelas: This book is a collection of quotations that will remind you to be constant, develop important goals to reach our full potential.

Every single mom needs to make personal development a priority.  Do you have a book that you love to read over and over? Tell us about it, I’d love to read it? Any other books that I should add to my reading list?

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